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Information and Resources

Counseling Services


All students at Orchard Springs Elementary receive comprehensive social/emotional instruction as part of their classroom curriculum. Students may also be included in activities outside of the classroom designed to enhance, supplement, and remediate the skills presented in class.

Activities may include:

  • Problem solving practice
  • Executive functioning training
  • Self-management skill building
  • Social skills practice

School Counselor

Community Resources

Use the United Way website,, to search for resources.


Browse the lists of resources below.  Each of these is a Google Document that will open in a new page:

Basic Needs 




Mental Health

*If you are a local resource provider and would like to be added to our resource list, please contact Lani Call at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Social-Emotional Resources

Second Step Website - These resources are used as teaching materials in our classrooms

Create a free account and enter the "kit activation code" for your child's grade level (you can enter multiple codes).

SSPKFAMILY70 – Kindergarten

SSP1FAMILY71 – 1st grade

SSP2FAMILY72 – 2nd grade

SSP3FAMILY73 – 3rd grade

SSP4FAMILY74 – 4th grade

SSP5FAMILY75 – 5th grade

SSP6FAMILY12 – *6th grade

*the 6th grade resources have not yet been updated to align directly with the classroom curriculum we are currently using.