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Enrollment Forms


updated 2023-08-15

Enrollment Forms

The enrollment forms need to be completed every year for each student.

To complete the enrollment forms in the PowerSchool Parent app

PowerSchool Parent App menu

  • Click 'Forms'

The options on the 'more' menu of the PowerSchool Parent app.

  • Complete and submit the 'Annual Enrollment Forms- Required'
  • Select another student by clicking the student name in the upper right corner

The forms view in the PowerSchool Parent app.

To complete the enrollment forms in a web browser (see the image below):

  • Login at
  • Once you have logged in, click on 'Forms' on the sidebar.
    • Click the 'Settings' icon and enable notifications
  • Find the section titled 'Annual Enrollment Forms- Required'
  • Read and digitally sign each of the forms.
    • Be sure to click 'Submit' in the lower right corner of each screen.
  • Repeat this process for each of your students
    • Select another student by clicking their name at to top of the screen

If you need help, please contact the school.


A screenshot of the enrollment forms page.