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Welcome to ASCEND at Orchard Springs Elementary!

What is Ascend?

It is a technology initiative in Weber School District to ensure our students have access to technology at school to develop and support 21st century skills. Students in grades K-6 will be assigned a Chromebook to use at school.

What training have teachers received?

Teachers have received training on a variety of technology platforms over the past year. We will continue to train and update skills on integration of technology in the classroom.


Orchard Springs wants to incorporate technology in a variety of ways to enhance student learning, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking.

What is the cost for each student?

There is no cost. Our community council approved use of School Trustland funds to pay for the yearly lease cost. Parents are welcome to buy in each year to a $25 Repair Assist Program. This program will reduce repair costs by half on a student’s Chromebook, if the need arises.

What about screen time?

Technology will be used throughout the school day to enhance classroom learning and instruction with hands-on activities, discussions, group work, etc.

Technology Safety

  • Our teachers will review WSD Acceptable Use Policy with students each year.
  • We have strong filters in place and the school principal receives a report each morning with information regarding inappropriate searching and addresses that information on a case by case basis.
  • Students need to report anything related to inappropriate technology use so we can address it.

For additional information regarding ASCEND and Chromebook insurance info, visit http://wsd.net/ascend/main

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