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School Counselor


Community Resources

Use the United Way website, 211.org, to search for resources.


Browse the lists of resources below.  Each of these is a Google Document that will open in a new page:

Basic Needs 




Mental Health

*If you are a local resource provider and would like to be added to our resource list, please contact Lani Call at .


Social-Emotional Resources

Second Step Website - These resources are used as teaching materials in our classrooms

Create a free account and enter the "kit activation code" for your child's grade level (you can enter multiple codes).

SSPKFAMILY70 – Kindergarten

SSP1FAMILY71 – 1st grade

SSP2FAMILY72 – 2nd grade

SSP3FAMILY73 – 3rd grade

SSP4FAMILY74 – 4th grade

SSP5FAMILY75 – 5th grade

SSP6FAMILY12 – *6th grade

*the 6th grade resources have not yet been updated to align directly with the classroom curriculum we are currently using.

Aperture Education's Parent Portal - free on-line family resources

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