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OSE Arrival and Departure Procedures              

Please review the information below and the map at the bottom of this page to ensure that students remain safe when entering and exiting school grounds. 

Drop off  your student at the curb in the drop off/pick up zone. Once your student has exited the vehicle please carefully pull back out into the driving lane to exit.

Pick up your student at the curb in the drop off/pick up zone. It is safest for students to enter and exit  the car on the curb side. Please continue to move forward in this zone as you wait for your student. Never park or leave your car unattended in this zone.

An adult must accompany students to a parked car, no students should walk through the parking lot unattended.

To ensure the safety of our students and facilitate their orderly arrival and departure, please be aware of the following items:

  • Crossing Guards will be located at 3200 North and 1000 West.
  • U-Turns are not allowed on 975 West, if you drop your student off on this road please continue to follow the loop to exit.
  • Students walking south on 975 West have been instructed to cross at 3200 North.
  • Please do not enter the southwest employee parking lot.
  • Cars are not allowed in the bus loop.
  • Be conscious of students who use the north staircase and cross the road at the beginning of the drop off/pick up zone.
  • The kindergarten door is on the north side of the school just east of the main entrance.

Remember that the cafeteria will open at 8:00 for those students eating breakfast. Those not eating breakfast should arrive at school  no earlier than 8:15. Students should make their way to the playground where they may play or wait for the bell to ring at 8:25. When the temperature is below 20 degrees or the weather is stormy students may go to the gym.

Thanks for your help, consideration, and patience as we work to make sure that our school grounds are safe for the students.

Mary Jo Williams


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