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Parent COVID-19 Information, Letter from the Superintendent March 13, 2020

The following email was sent to parents on Friday, March 13, 2020.  It can also be viewed at: http://wsd.net/parents-students/news/covid-19-information

Parent COVID-19 Information

Dear Parents,

This afternoon Governor Gary Herbert initiated a "soft closure" on all K-12 public and charter schools for the next two weeks (beginning Monday, March 16, 2020). The governor explained that his intent in issuing this unprecedented move was to prevent potential community spread of the coronavirus. His emphasis was on "social distancing," or the elimination of large group gatherings. I want to emphasize that there have been no cases of the covid-19 virus identified in the Weber School District at this point.

Next week our teachers will spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for a short-term, on-line delivery of curriculum for students. Teachers will be preparing a modified home learning experience—one that permits students to continue engaging in meaningful study from home. No students should attend school on Monday, March 16th or Tuesday, March 17th.

Beginning Wednesday, March 18th, a modified home study plan will be made available to your student(s). Teachers will communicate specific information regarding that modified home study plan. As much as possible, over the two-week school "soft closure" period, students should not be at school. In order to adhere to the governor’s request, students should practice social distancing and learn from home.  

Our teachers and staff will spend limited time in the schools during this two-week period. However, teachers will primarily be preparing and uploading learning material that students can access from home. In those rare instances where students cannot access the internet at home or may not have a computer available, they can come to the school between the hours of 8:30 a.m. thru 12:00 noon.  

During this two-week "soft closure" of schools, buses will not be running. However, we will make available a "Grab and Go" sack lunch that students can pick up from their school. Those schools that provide breakfast will provide a "Grab and Go" morning meal as well. Specific information on school meals during the two-week "soft closure" period will be provided next week.

Through this two-week period, all extra-curricular activities and athletic events will be suspended. This includes practices. The suspension of athletic games and practices is statewide. Finally, please note that the spring break will remain as scheduled (March 30 – April 3).

We recognize that we are in uncharted territory. Because of that we understand that there will be questions not addressed in this brief message. Additional questions should be directed to your school principal. I will be working closely with our principals throughout this unique period. These are remarkable times requiring extraordinary adjustments and sacrifices by all. And, it’s all being done at the request of the governor and for the sake of public health and safety. We are grateful for your understanding and express our deepest appreciation for all you do to support our schools.

Dr. Jeff Stephens
Weber School District


We would like to share two websites that will give you accurate information regarding the current situation, and accurate information about what we know about COVID-19. As we know, this is an evolving situation, and we will trust the scientists who are working to control this outbreak as we move forward.



Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Coronavirus Task Force are recommending that gatherings of more than 100 people be canceled in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. In response to this -- and with the safety of our students and staff and that of their families in mind -- Weber School District is temporarily canceling all extracurricular activities, including but not limited to those involving athletics, groups, clubs, and dances. State officials are also recommending that people stay home if they are showing any symptoms, and that individuals over sixty as well as individuals who are immunocompromised avoid gatherings of more than twenty people.

Weber School District is committed to the safety of our students and their families, as well as that of our faculty and staff.

For additional information visit the State Board of Education website.

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