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Construction Update

September 23, 2019

Dear Parents,

We have completed approximately one month in our temporary locations. I would like to thank you for the support you have given as we have worked to make the beginning of the school year positive for all our students.

I know we are all eager for information regarding the estimated completion date of Orchard Springs. Please know I am sharing information with you as I receive it.

The district is trying hard to push the contractor; while at the same time not rushing the project in ways that would compromise the quality of the school. Progress can be seen outside the school with sod laid, parking lots paved, fences erected, and playgrounds being installed. Progress on the interior is moving more slowly and includes the completion of the gym, cafeteria, office, and the 6th and 3rd grade wings. (See photos on our website- https://orchardsprings.wsd.net)

The district has expressed the desire to partially occupy the school as soon as possible. Partial occupancy would mean moving to the school when enough classrooms and other facilities have been completed for the school to be safe and operational. This may mean some classes move twice; once to a temporary classroom in Orchard Springs and again when their permanent classroom is complete. This would also mean construction on the incomplete parts of the school would occur while classes are being held.

At this time, despite requests from the district, the contractor has not committed to a date for full or partial occupancy.

I will keep you apprised as information is shared with me. Thank you again for your patience and continued support as we work through this extremely challenging and unprecedented situation.

Mary Jo Williams

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