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Notes from the principal

Dear Orchard Springs Parents and Students,

We are excited as the new school year approaches and we prepare to open our brand new school!  We know that there are concerns regarding the construction progress and completion date.  As a school district, we have had similar concerns and frustration in this regard.  We are meeting daily with the general contractor (DWA) to monitor progress and establish a timeline for completion.  At this point, we are confident that there is a credible plan to have the school ready for children to start the school year.  The school district has even committed many of its own maintenance workers (e.g. electricians, painters, floor covering installers, etc.) to augment the sub-contractors hired by DWA in order to complete work on time.

While each of us would prefer that the school be completed weeks ahead of schedule, that is not the case.  The reality is that just like moving into a brand new home, there may be items that still need to be addressed during the first few weeks.  However, our teachers are ready to welcome your children to school and are prepared to embrace any minor challenges that arise.

The first year is going to become part of our history and the legacy of Orchard Springs Elementary and will further unite us as a faculty and community.  We are relying on each of you to help make this a successful, positive experience for all children.  Your chilrden will become the pioneers of this new school.  They will remember this first year for the rest of their lives!  They may even laugh about an inconvenience or two that they have experienced.  But, that will be a happy memory!  Working together we will have a memorable and effective start to the school year.


Mary Jo Williams
Principal, Orchard Springs Elementary


Dr. Jeff Stephens
Superintendent, Weber School District

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