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Elementary School – Pleasant View

3286 N. 975 W.

Pleasant View, UT 84414


Temporary Child Access Routing Plan (C.A.R.P.)


Traffic Safety Committee

  • Principal – Mary Jo Williams
  • School safety facilitator - Kimvorwaller
  • PTO Safety representative - Lacey Boggess
  • Community Council Chair - Lexie Stokes
  • Law enforcement representative – Sgt. Stetson Talbot (Pleasant View Police)
  • City traffic engineer – Dana Shuler (Jones & Associates)
  • District transportation specialist – Trent Bills
  • District safety specialist – Lane Findlay

School location

3286 N. 975 W., Pleasant View, UT 84414.  The school is located in a subdivision east of 1000 West, a major north to south thoroughfare, and south of Pleasant View Drive, a major east to west thoroughfare.  Neither of these roadways connect directly to the school.  The school can only be accessed from 975 West coming off of 3200 North.

Walking/bicycling zone

This zone extends out 1.5 miles from the school.  The distance is determined by driving route, not radius.  The western border is approximately 1400 West at 3200 North, the northern border runs along Pleasant View Drive, the southern border ends at approximately 2700 North, and the eastern border is 600 West (see map).

Existing traffic controls

Established stop signs at all major intersections.  Established speed limits and signs on major roadways.  There are no traffic lights located within the walking zone of the school.

Established school crossings

There is one at 3200 North and 1000 West.  Since 1000 West is a major thoroughfare, and this will be the main crossing from east to west to the school, a traffic guard will be in place to assist pedestrians crossing the street before and after school.  The crossing guard will be employed and supervised by Pleasant View City. 

Established school zones

None.  A school zone is established at 3200 North and 1000 West in the area of the school crossing.

Established narrow school routes

Pleasant View Drive has intermittent sidewalks and a walking pathway.  Since the walkways are not continuous, particularly in the area between 1250 West and 1000 West, it is recommended Pleasant View Drive not be used as a walking route.  On 1000 West, there is a continuous sidewalk on the east side of the road, and sidewalk on both sides of the road south of 3200 North.  There is also a bicycle lane on the east side.

Access routes (see map below)

  • From the west, students living in the areas west of 1200 West, will need to be bused to school since Pleasant View Drive does not have a continuous walkway connecting to 1000 West. Note – There is a proposed subdivision going in between the two western subdivisions that will connect via Mountain Orchard Drive.  Once this road is established, it should be used as the new walking route and it will eliminate the need for busing from the areas west of 1200 West.
  • From the north, no students will cross or use Pleasant View Drive as a walking route. Access to the school should be along 1000 West (east side), 850 West, 750 West, or 700 West to 3200 North.
  • From the south – The routes will run along 1000 West, 950 West, 875 West, 825 West, 750 West and 700 West, to 3200 North.
  • From the east – All connecting roads to the east of the school within the walk zone should access 3200 North as the main walking route.


Sidewalks are in place on a majority of the routes.  Exceptions are Pleasant View Drive and 1000 West. 

Bicycle routes

There is a bicycle lane on Pleasant View Drive but it is on the north side of the road and should not be used by students going to and from school.  There is also a designated bicycle lane on the east side of 1000 West.

Potential hazards & mitigation

  • Pleasant View Drive – Children will be bused from the subdivisions west of 1200 West until Mountain Orchard Drive is connected.
  • The Station and areas west of Highway 89 – Because of the potential hazards of crossing Hwy 89, all students living to the west of the highway will be eligible for busing.
  • 600 West and the subdivision located at 2825 North and 600 West. Although within the walk zone, all students living within this subdivision and along 600 West will be eligible for busing.

Dissemination of plan

The new school is slated to open in August of 2019 for the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.  Prior to the opening, this plan should be reviewed by the school’s traffic safety committee which should include representatives from the school, PTA, and community council.  Those groups are in the process of being formed in anticipation of the opening of the school.  The finalized plan should then be disseminated to staff, students and parents.  This plan, along with a map, will also be submitted to UDOT.  The map will be published and will be accessible via the internet.


Training on the plan should be conducted by school administration.  This could include briefing staff on the plan, as well as providing informational materials to students and parents.


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