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mrs. smuin

Mrs. Breeze Smuin

1st Grade

Years Teaching  9
Grade(s) Taught 1st
Schools Quest Academy
Ascent Academy
Heritage Elementary
Farr West Elementary
Orchard Springs Elementary

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (University of Phoenix)
Currently attending Utah State for my STEM Endorsement and Masters in Education/Science

What do you like about your job?  I enjoy seeing the smiling faces of my kiddos everyday as we greet each other in the morning. I love when something that was hard for them begins to make sense and becomes easy. The look on the face of a child when they tell they "I GET IT!"
What is your favorite read aloud book? Ready Freddy Series
What do you do for fun? I like to bake, craft, read, hang out with family, watching my son play football and basketball, and watching my kids grow up (way too fast)
What is your favorite classroom saying? Progress NOT Perfection and Believe in the power of YET!
What are your “pet peeves?” Tardiness, lying, and being unkind to others
What are your favorites? Cherry Coke Zero, Skor Bar, Take 5, Lemonheads, Fruit Mentos, Chick-Fil-A, Spring, Flowers, Pink

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