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mrs. blaisdell

Mrs. Heather Blaisdell

1st Grade

Years Teaching  12
Grade(s) Taught 1st
Schools Farr West Elementary
Odyssey Elementary
Orchard Springs Elementary

Utah State University

What do you like about your job?  Seeing the growth my students make, and the look on their faces when they reach their goals.
What is your favorite read aloud book? A Bad Case of Stripes
What do you do for fun? Play the fiddle, camping, motorcycle riding, reading, cross stitching, ballet, watch movies
What is your favorite classroom saying? "A person's a person no matter how small" -Dr. Seuss
What are your “pet peeves?” Drawers and cupboards being left open
What are your favorites? Blue, dark chocolate, folk & bluegrass music, paisleys, flowers

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