801-395-5650 | 3300 N 975 W Pleasant View, UT 84414

mr. staples

Mr. Brian Staples

Head Custodian

Years Employeed  16
Grade(s) Taught I teach anyone who wants to learn.
Schools Fremont High School
Marlon Hills Elementary
Bates Elementary
Orchard Springs Elementary

Bachelor of Arts in Technical Sales (Weber State University)

What do you like about your job?  Working with children/staff, variety of tasks to accomplish.
What is your favorite book to read? Any John Grisham, Louis L'amour, Craig Johnson, Tom Clancy, Gerald Lund
What do you do for fun? Camp, fish, hunt, garden, cook, read
What is your favorite  saying? All who wander are not lost
What are your “pet peeves?” Laziness, unpreparedness, apathy
What are your favorites? Humor, willingness to learn, honesty

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