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Community Council Minutes

Community Council Meeting

September 14, 2021


  • Welcome Members
    • Members Present - 
      • Parents - Alicia Willoughby, Jenny Smith, Marinda Fowler, Kristin Hall, Monica Cameron
      • School Members - Mary Jo Williams, Kelani Maughan, Deana Davis
    • Members Absent - 
      • None
  • Welcome
    • Welcomed new members and made quick introductions.
  • Meeting Overview
    • Address responsibilities of the community council:
      • We decide how to use allocated funds for Orchard Springs Elementary
      • Trustland Plan
      • Review 2020-2021 plan
      • Implement 2021-2022 plan
      • Write 2022-2023 plan
      • TSSA Plan -  not responsibility of the council but something to be aware of
      • ESSR: one-time money from Government to help combat effects of Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Handouts
    • Read over information and discuss any concerns or questions in the next meeting*
    • Parliamentary Procedure 
    • Copies of this years’ plans
    • Budget sheet
    • Current Data—General Overview
      • Pathways (Acadience Testing results)
      • Math Data (based on essential learning targets using the same grade level tests)
      • Acadience Reading Data  (4th- 6th Grade is displayed on a pie graph with further breakdowns than just the composite score)
      • Next time we meet we will have BOY (Beginning of Year) Data report from this  school year
      • Our ultimate goal is that the red and yellow gets smaller and the green and blue get bigger (red is most severe, some of those are special needs students who might stay in the red all the time)
      • Acadience is used as a screener. More specific diagnostics are then utilized, and that data is used to determine interventions.
      • This year we hired another reading aide and extended intervention all the way up to fourth grade, with the plan to have daily intervention.
      • As we study this information, it will help us know what we need to focus on.
  • 2021-2022 Trustland Plan
    • Reviewed Budget
    • Carryover is currently listed as $0 because exact amounts haven’t come from the district.
    • Pathways to Progress Data allows us to measure growth instead of just proficiency.
    • Sixth Grade data needs to be adjusted because of 80% proficiency level. 
    • Questions and concerns: Deana Davis had a concern about this year’s plan from a teacher’s perspective. We wrote it as a proficiency and not a growth goal. Last year’s discussion was that we felt better setting a higher goal even if we couldn’t achieve it. Our original goal was 80% of students will achieve 80% proficiency or higher. Next year we can focus more on growth vs. proficiency.
    • State has mandated using the Acadience Math assessment for K-3. We’re not sure how that data will translate, but it will provide another data point to look at.
    • 6th Grade BOY Math Assessments are not available through the state yet so teaching has started, meaning that we might not have a true measurement for math because we won’t know where students truly started the year.
    • Covid has lasting effects on teachers, student attendance, etc. Data doesn’t always show these effects.
  • Video - 2021-2022 Trustland Training 
    • Website -https://www.schools.utah.gov/schoollandtrust
    • Please take time to browse and familiarize yourself with the website.
    • Question about submitting council members information—Ms. Williams will enter all that information by October 1st.
    • There is a SCC email scam so be aware! All SCC emails will come from Ms. Williams.
  • Elect Council Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary
    • Marinda Fowler nominated Alicia Willoughby as council chair.  She declined. Alicia Willoughby nominated Kristin Hall as council chair. Monica Cameron seconded Kristin Hall. Voting is unanimous in the affirmative.
    • Kristin Hall motioned that Alicia Willoughby serve as Vice Chair. Jenny Smith seconded.  Voting is unanimous in the affirmative.
    • Alicia Willoughby motioned Marinda Fowler to continue to serve as secretary. Monica Cameron seconded the motion. Voting is unanimous in the affirmative.
  • Council Membership
    • Council Membership Requirement is two more parents than school employees; this year we have five parents and three employees. There is room to appoint additional parents if desired.
  • 2021-2022 TSSA  Plan
    • Copy of the 201-2022 TSSA Plan was shared.
  • Yearly Meeting Schedule
    • Goal is to keep meetings  to an hour in length. Kristin Hall motioned for Tuesdays at 4:00. Clarified that this is the second Tuesday of the month. Deana Davis seconded. Voting Unanimous.
    • Send out a meeting reminder to the public instead of just the council members?
    • October 12 meeting is Parent Teacher Conferences, so we’ll need to move the meeting up by one week.
  • Meeting Dismissed:  Motion to adjourn made by Deana Davis, Seconded by Jenny Smith.
    • 5:10 pm


Next Meeting

  • October 5, 2021 4:00-5:00  pm at Orchard Springs Elementary

*Bolded items are actions for council members to complete before the next meeting.

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