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Community Council Minutes

Orchard Springs Elementary Community Council Minutes - February 18, 2021


  • Welcome Members
    • Members Present - 
      • Parents - Meredith Aardema, Jodi Broadbent, Marinda Fowler, Kristen Hall, Laurel Mock, 
      • School Members - Mary Jo Williams, Deana Davis, Windy Bass
      • Visitors - Alicia Willoughby
    • Members Absent - 
      • Parents - Michelle Darrington
      • School Members - None  
  • Approve Prior Meeting Minutes
    • Motion was made by Meredith Aardema to approve January 21, 2021 Community Council meeting minutes and Jodi Broadbent seconded. Unanimously approved.
  • 2020-2021 Plan
    • Review Plan/Budget Expenditures (Updated Plan)
    • Now new information was shared about budgets.
    • Student enrollment is increasing.
    • Getting ready to look at pre-staffing for next year.
  • 2021-2022 Plan
    • Review handout of budget. Red items need most attention. Working on the assumption that we can do intervention groups for 20 minutes at a time (cross-grade). 
    • More Aide time needed to address loss of learning created by pandemic.
    • Talking with Mrs. Abbey, computer specialist, to work on utilizing computer time to learn Google suite and career and technical education (in addition to keyboarding and Imagine Learning). 
    • Goal #1 approved
    • Goal #2 - concerns about the 80% benchmark because teachers are seeing holes in student learning.
    • Change wording from proficiency to growth?
    • RISE testing only reflects 3-6th grades math scores. Using grade level benchmarks data may provide a better reflection of growth. 
    • End of Level testing will still be done.
    • No data from last year to show increases, we only have the beginning of year data.
    • Discussion about setting the math goal based on proficiency vs. growth. There is no penalty for not achieving the goal.
      • Is it possible to quantify proficiency?
      • Growth is harder to quantify than proficiency.
      • Education Standard for proficiency is generally 80%.
      • Add verbiage about Essential Learning Targets.
      • Need to look at growth at end of year, go back and amend the goal if needed.
    • Additional Funds:
      • Broad wording allows school to make purchases without having to amend the plan.
      • Additional aides - goal is to have 6-7 aides pushing into grades K-4  four times weakly to provide support for lower and higher learners.
      • Currently one aide and teacher are running classroom interventions.
      • Would like to add cross age tutoring in as intervention next year.
      • Is $1000 enough to cover repairs to chromebooks? Parents can purchase insurance, which would cut the repair cost in half. Common problems are screens ($50) and keys ($5). Does the school assume those costs or ask parents to pay for them? Since elementary students do not take chromebooks home there are generally less repairs needed.
      • Current student numbers are around 460 and chromebooks 440. Next year we have budgeted for 510 which includes students, teachers, and loaners. 
      • Chromebook expense next year is approximately $15,000.00 (This is less than this year because we are now a 1:1 school  and the district covers 53% of the cost and the school 47%. Carts were purchased from carryover moneys from last year. These carts are 30 place. We are trying to use the 42 place carts in the upper grades. Chromebooks do not follow students year to year. They stay in the teacher’s classroom and are reassigned at the beginning of the year.
    • Mrs. Williams will email the discussed verbiage changes in regards to the math goal. Members can email with approval/disapproval.
    • Laurel Mock motioned to approve the budget and was seconded by Jodie Broadbent. The vote was unanimous, 8 out of 8 council members approved along with the 1 visitor.
  • Next Meeting
    • March 11, 2021 @4:15 p.m. in the Upper Maker Space at Orchard Springs Elementary (earlier in month in case changes are needed)
  • Additional Items for Discussion
  • Meredith Aardema motioned for the meeting to adjourn and Marinda Fowler seconded the motion.

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