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Community Council Minutes

Orchard Springs Elementary Community Council Minutes - January 21, 2021

Members Present

  • Parent Members
    •   Meredith Aardema, Jodi Broadbent, Laurel Mock, Michelle Darrington
  • School Members
    • Mary Jo Williams, Windy Bass
  • Visitors
    • Alicia Willoughby, Brent Ludlow

Members Absent

  • Parent Members
    • Kristin Hall, Marinda Fowler
  • School Members
    •  None


  • Welcome Members
  • Approve Prior Meeting Minutes
    • Crosswalk lines are painted across the street.  Mrs. Williams met with Pleasant View City Mayor and he said the cost to complete the crosswalk will be around $10,000.  Mrs. Williams passed the estimate on to the district to see if there are funds to help with the cost. Waiting to hear back from the district.
    • Motion was made by Meredith Aardema to approve November 19, 2020 Community Council meeting minutes and Jodi Broadbent seconded. 
  • Digital Citizenship
    •  Presentation by Tech Services - Ryan James 
      • Ryan James is the Weber School District Technology Trainer and works a lot with teachers in the district with digital training and learning.
      • Our school is now 1 to 1, each student has a chromebook. (WSD Ascend).  Usually a meeting is held and a presentation given to the community to explain this process, but with COVID that will not happen at this time.  More information will be sent soon to the parents and community.
      • Computers are not allowed to leave the school at the elementary level, except for when children are home for quarantine.  
      • All devices are being monitored and filtered. 
        • iBoss is a filter that all information must pass through.  It is an extensive filtering system. The district feels it is better to be safe than sorry.  There are multiple units in place in case one goes down for any reason.
        • BARK is monitoring students' G Suite material and information.
          • Mrs. Williams reviews alerts and can see parents are alerted as well.  She will follow up with parents if necessary and meet with kids to remind them that they signed a students acceptable use form for school technology use.  This is to be more instructive than punitive.  There can be false positives because of the strict and extensive monitoring, but again rather to be safe than sorry.
      • There are 6 groupings for the extent of filtering being done.  Each level has modifications for filtering, but all have the same blocked website categories.  Social media is mostly blocked in all groups, but some have exceptions.  YouTube videos have an approval process in place in order to allow educationally appropriate and applicable videos shown.  
        • Elementary Students, Elementary Staff, Jr High Students, Jr High Staff, High School Students, High School Staff.
      • There is device and desktop management throughout the district for iPads, chromebooks, and desktop computers.
      • Weber School District is 100% compliant with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
        • There is a curriculum provided that is appropriate for each grade level to teach students digital literacy.
          • The lessons are from Common Sense Media and have 8 areas that are covered in 5 lessons.
      • Data is starting to show screen time isn’t as worrisome in quantity when valuable in quality.
        • Anya Kamenetz wrote a book The Art of Screen Time which summarizes as “Enjoy screens.  Not too much.  Mostly together."
      • A great resource for parents to help their children with digital literacy is Be Internet Awesome from Google.  It can create discussions and lessons with your kids.
  • School Safety
  • 2020-2021 Plan
    • Review Plan/Budget Expenditures (Updated Plan)
      • We are looking more at the progress of the students than achievement  results.  Teachers are able to meet and review/plan for students’ progress and needed  interventions while students are in P.E., STEM, and Computer.
      • Covid continues to limit intervention time, setting, and amount of aid time with students.
  • 2021-2022
    • Prepare Plan
      • Recommendations for the 2021-2022 plan will be brought to the February meeting. It needs to be finalized and submitted by March.
      • Possibly set aside money next year for incidental computer repairs since students are now 1 to 1.
      • We reviewed the MOY data we have received for reading, but students are still being tested.  The  MOY math data is still being gathered.
      • It is possible that additional CARES Act money will be coming to the school to help with the deficiencies created by the Coronavirus.  
      • A learning gap has resulted from the last year of learning during COVID.  We are hopeful for more aid and intervention time next year, but it may be a few years before the effects of COVID are remediated.
      • Diagnostic Assessments are being given to students who test intensive or strategic in DIBELS. This provides more information on specific skills  that can be identified and worked on.  Students will be reassessed every 3-4 weeks in order to evaluate and meet intervention needs.
  • Next Meeting
    • February 18, 2021 @4:15 p.m. in the Upper Maker Space at Orchard Springs Elementary
  • Additional Items for Discussion
    • Teachers are sent a weekly email to sign up for the vaccine if they choose to receive it.  Staff and parents are happy school is able to be safe and in person.
  • Adjournment
    • Meredith Aardema motioned for the meeting to adjourn and Michelle Darrington seconded the motion.

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