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Community Council Minutes

Orchard Springs Elementary Community Council Minutes - November 19, 2020

Members Present

  • Parent Members
    • Jodi Broadbent, Marinda Fowler, Kristin Hall
  • School Members
    • Mary Jo Williams, Windy Bass
  • Visitors
    • none

Members Absent

  • Parent Members
    • Meredith Aardema, Laurel Mock, Michelle Darrington 
  • School Members
    •  Deana Davis


  • Welcome Members
  • Council Business
    • Motion by Windy Bass was made to approve October 22 Community Council Minutes. Seconded by Kristen Hall. Unanimously approved.
    • 3200 North Crosswalk follow-up: Review of the October 20 meeting (as outlined in last month’s notes). We haven’t heard back on the installation of an official crosswalk, but lines have been painted on the road to indicate where to cross. Kids have been retrained to walk across the recently painted crosswalk, watching for traffic. 
    • Viewed Utah School Trust Lands Training Video. 
      • We were supposed to view this at the meeting in September but had technical difficulties. We viewed it at the request of the council chair. 
    • Viewed School Safety and Student Health Training Video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TN-V1BUVEE)
    • Discussed adding the new responsibilities (Digital Citizenship, School Safety, Positive Behaviors).
      • School hasn’t received any additional data or training on the new requirements. 
      • Digital Citizenship programs are already in place. 
        • Program being taught by Heather Abbey, computer specialist, during computer lab time.
        • A Tech Support Specialist will be invited to a meeting to review what the district has in place to support internet use.
      • School Safety will be discussed in our next meeting. 
      • Positive Behaviors program was mostly tied to substance abuse. Orchard Springs currently does this through Red Ribbon Week and a positive reinforcement program. 
    • Reviewing and Evaluating Data
      • Our circumstance as a new school last year with the soft closure means that we have extremely limited data.
      • Kids did not come back where we expected them to be because of the soft closure and our intervention plans required modification due to Covid restrictions. 
      • Reviewed available Math Benchmark Data from BOY testing. 
        • Data is tracked on number sense (K-2) and fractions for 3-6 (6th grade will track  ratios and proportios) Benchmarks are all for EOY expectations. Tests remain the same for BOY, MOY, and EOY testing. 
        • 1st grade showing 50% of students at 0-19% proficiency for addition and subtraction strategies. These tests are things they are expected to know by the end of the year and some they haven’t been taught.  2nd grade has an even higher percentage of students needing greater help. 
        • IXL benchmarks are rated on a variety of scores and lessons. 5th grade has a large number of students at proficient levels.
        • We expect all of this data to increase at MOY testing. 
        • In January we will want to look at this to create our 2021-2022 plan. 
      • Ms. Williams will be sending out the reading data that was discussed at the October meeting for the council members to review. 
      • Because of COVID, we may need to allocate more money for intervention aides. We are still working on learning deficits from last year, normal expected learning deficits from this year, shorter school days, usual strategies not being allowed with Covid-19 restrictions, and students struggling with online learning platforms. Intervention will be key for next year—not just academic deficits, but social/emotional  and engagement deficits as well. 
    • Reviewed 2020-2021 Plan
      • Teachers are no longer providing online teaching for Longterm Flexible Learning students. A teacher for grades K-6 has been hired with funding  from Weber County for this school year. 
      • We had a greater carryover from last year’s budget than was predicted. 
      • The only thing coming out of our budget at this time is aid salaries (average $3200 for one hour daily for year) and one Chromebooks Cart ($1200 expense).
      • Chromebook leases (7 carts) haven’t been processed yet. 
      • Hoping to go 1:1 with student devices, Chromebooks, by mid-year in preparation for soft closure. School is responsible for 47% of cost, School District covers 53%. 
      • Estimated cost for 1:1  for 404 students, teachers, and 35 loaners is $12,782. This is a smaller expense than was anticipated.
      • Doing further reading diagnostic testing for students below benchmark allows us better support students. More aides would be helpful but only if the aides have been trained. 
    • Marinda Fowler motioned for the December 17 meeting to be cancelled. Windy Bass seconded the motion. Unanimously approved. 
    • Jodi Broadbent asked if there were any current Covid-19 cases at Orchard Springs. Parents may be informed by classes. We have not had any active cases of students. But we have had students being quarantined because of family members testing positive for the coronavirus.  Every day at school is a victory!
  • Next Meeting
    • January 21, 2020 at 4:15 pm at Orchard Springs Elementary
  • Adjournment
    • Jodi Broadbent motioned to adjourn the meeting.
    • Kristin Hall seconded the motion.
    • Meeting was adjourned at 5:23 pm.

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